Prickett Family- Opelika Alabama

We have known the Prickett family since we were in high school. Mike and Tina are fantastic people raising a beautiful family. We have done ministry together, Tina and I have been pregnant together, and now we’re raising our children together! Just look at these beautiful babies!

Their boys are so smart and funny, and their little girl loves to be in front of the camera! She was cracking me up throughout our session. So precious! Each of the kids brought a prop that represented their interests to include in the photos. This is one of my favorite things to do with children, especially little ones who are feeling a little shy or hesitant to be photographed. Most children have at least one or two things they love to talk about, and getting them to engage with their favorite toy or book makes it easier for them to warm up to the camera.

The Prickett kids were so easy and sweet to photograph! They were so excited to take pictures with each other and with mom and dad!

We are so grateful for Mike (Michael…I’m actually not sure when we all started calling him Mike…) and Tina’s friendship. We have seen them go through many highs and lows over the last 15 years, and through it all their faith in Christ has been apparent. They have been a constant source of encouragement to us as we’ve watched them navigate difficult, frustrating, and painful circumstances with their eyes on Jesus. They have often been a direct source of encouragement when we were going through difficult circumstances as well. In the early years of our marriage, Tina was a sounding board for me when we wanted a baby, but it just wasn’t happening. When I finally was pregnant, she answered hundreds of questions and concerns until our oldest was born, and then hundreds more when he was a newborn. They were there to support us through many of our personal valleys, and we’ve shared more frustrations and victories in ministry than I can even remember to write about. I know they have been all of that and so much more to many families we know.

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