Making Your Session Fun for Dad

Being in front of the camera can be challenging for anyone, We’re self-conscious, we don’t know what to do or how to pose, and it’s likely that we’re doing it for someone we’ve just met in clothes that we don’t usually wear. I get it! I do everything I can to make my families comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes, it can be especially difficult for dad, though, so here are my four main bits of advice for making the session a little less painful for him.

  1. Prepare him for what to expect ahead of time. I know it’s not normal to stand in the middle of a field in your church clothes and “nuzzle” your wife. To be completely honest “nuzzle” isn’t a word I use often outside of work, haha! It can be really helpful if dad has seen some of my portfolio so he knows what to expect. If he’s actually *seen* how romantic and natural it can be to cuddle up on camera, and you’ve communicated how much it will mean to you to have images like that for *your* family, he’ll feel more trusting of the process during your session.
  2. Take his personality and style into account when you plan your session. I LOVE it when my families get all dressed up for a session! For most people, this happens once or twice a year, if that. But if dad is used to living in work clothes, covered in grease, or never wears anything more formal than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, asking him to throw on a three piece suit is guaranteed to make him feel uncomfortable. Maybe don’t take him more than one step beyond his daily attire…and if he hates to go without a hat or sunglasses on his head, find a hat you’ll love in the pictures! Dad needs to feel heard, and the last thing we want him to be is uncomfortable in his clothes.

  1. Let him treat himself! You know how I’m always encouraging you to pamper yourself, have your make-up and hair done, buy a new dress or get your nails done so you *feel* good on your session day? This goes for dad, too! Maybe he feels best with a fresh cut or shave from his favorite barber. Maybe he feels best with some new cologne. Whatever makes him feel good will help him look good and comfortable in front of the camera!
  2. Make a fun family or date night out of it! You’re all dressed up, and now you need somewhere to go! I always love hearing what the littlest members of my families have been promised for good behavior (usually ice cream). I’m not suggesting we patronize our husbands with bribes…but since the photos were probably mostly for you…maybe let him pick dinner? He deserves it! <3

I promise to make this as fun as possible for everyone involved! If dad is just 100% not comfortable with the cuddly poses, that’s okay! Just let me know ahead of time. Also make sure dad knows I have three kiddos at home and I DO NOT expect your kids to be perfectly sweet and calm and cooperative- they’re kids! I love to go along with their ideas, make friends with them, and play with them throughout the session. We’re not in a rush, and keeping everyone calm and having fun is the most important part of making beautiful images your family will love to look back on!

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